Department of Marketing and Promotions


-Meetings are currently TBA held in the SG Conference Room (A0118).

Marketing Members:
Lukas Oest, Director of Marketing and Promotions

TBD, Assistant Graphics Designer

TBD, Media Specialist 

TBD, Media Specialist 

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Student Engagement:

Kimberly Mones
Director of Student Engagement
Office: SMC A114
Telephone: (941)-359-4268

Darren Gambrell
Coordinator of Student Engagement
Office: SMC A112
Telephone: (941)-359-4263

Christine Uphoff
Coordinator of Fiscal Operations & Campus Activities Board
Office: SMC A113
Telephone: (941)-359-4773

Kati Hinds
Coordinator of Student Organizations and Leadership
Office: SMC A108
Telephone: (941)-359-4305

Bart Stucker
Coordinator of Orientation & Campus Recreation
Office: SMC A112