Open Positions:

Executive Branch

Chief of Staff: The Chief of Staff is responsible for all the internal and clerical affairs of the Student Government Association. Duties include but are not limited to: recording meeting minutes, scheduling meetings, managing executive employees, and organizing the correspondence of the Student Body President. No experience is required, but applicants must show competencies in Microsoft office applications, organization, and literary skills.

Legislative Branch

Senator: As members of the Legislative Branch, the duties of the Senators are to function and serve as policy makers in regards to internal affairs of the University Program. Also the Senate has the authority to move A&S fee money through appropriations. Senators shall be responsible for legislative changes, resolutions, and amendments to the Student Government constitution and bylaws. In addition, the Student Senators shall serve on or comprise five internal standing committees: The Judiciary and Ethics committee; the Budget committee; the Amendments committee; the Appropriations committee; and the University, Community, and Government Affairs committee.

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Student Engagement:

Kimberly Mones
Director of Student Engagement
Office: SMC A114
Telephone: (941)-359-4268

Darren Gambrell
Coordinator of Student Engagement
Office: SMC A112
Telephone: (941)-359-4263

Christine Uphoff
Coordinator of Fiscal Operations & Campus Activities Board
Office: SMC A113
Telephone: (941)-359-4773

Kati Hinds
Coordinator of Student Organizations and Leadership
Office: SMC A108
Telephone: (941)-359-4305

Bart Stucker
Coordinator of Orientation & Campus Recreation
Office: SMC A112