About Us

Student Government is an association that embodies the academic excellence, scholarly discipline, equal opportunity, and leadership this is valued at USFSM.  Student Government is composed of the Executive, Judicial, Legislative Branch, Campus Activities Board and the Department of Marketing and Promotions. Together, we act as liaisons between the faculty and staff to ensure that the concerns of the students do not remain obscure. We create an environment where students can express their creativity, voice positive and negative constructive feedback, and find acceptance.  Student Government doubles as a place for students to obtain employment and to hone their leadership, networking, communication skills. 

For more information on student government or to find out how to get involved, contact the Office of Student Affairs or a Student Government Executive Board member. Remember, you can only make a difference if you use your voice!


More information on our committee that houses members from each branch.

SGA Directory

Executive Board Members

Legislative Branch Members

Judicial Branch Members

The Office of Marketing and Promotions

Campus Activities Board

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Student Engagement:

Kimberly Mones
Director of Student Engagement
Office: SMC A114
Telephone: (941)-359-4268

Darren Gambrell
Coordinator of Student Engagement
Office: SMC A112
Telephone: (941)-359-4263

Christine Uphoff
Coordinator of Fiscal Operations & Campus Activities Board
Office: SMC A113
Telephone: (941)-359-4773

Kati Hinds
Coordinator of Student Organizations and Leadership
Office: SMC A108
Telephone: (941)-359-4305

Bart Stucker
Coordinator of Orientation & Campus Recreation
Office: SMC A112